October 30, 2020 Upreality Talks

Why Omni-Channel is so popular Marketing?

Changes in technology and the increasing expectations of customers have led to numerous innovations in marketing strategy. Omni-channel marketing is one such approach that integrates various modes of selling, marketing, and customer service into a single-mode. A great mobile marketing ploy, a superbly-designed website, and a captivating social media campaign must all work together for it to be counted as an omnichannel experience.

Understanding Omni-channel Marketing

The popularity and growth of this particular advertising trend are not surprising. The fact that 87 percent of consumers opine that its essential for brands to strive towards this offering at a consistent experience.

The keynote here is to ensure that the goals of the organization, the message it pursues to deliver, and its design must align irrespective of the device or channel.

Omni-channel marketing is essential because it helps you create a positive experience for the customer at every stage of their lifecycle, reduce the risk, and drive and build a positive reputation for your brand. Let’s take an example. Imagine, you are tired after a long day at work and want to grab a cup of coffee before heading home. You know your coffee shop will be crowded in the evening, and you have no energy to stand in the queue. Wouldn’t it be nice if the coffee shop had an option to pre-order coffee via an app, so you could enter the shop, collect your order and leave? That’s exactly what Starbucks did. It has made ordering and payment easier for the customer.

Yet another example of an organization having nailed down the omnichannel experience is Disney. The initial experience of booking a trip on the company’s website is further enhanced by the planning tool that lets you take out every minute detail of your trip to a Disney park with the help of just your mobile phone. Isn’t it interesting?

Another great example of an omnichannel experience by luxury retailer Neiman Marcus with the use of web analytics, innovative tech tools, and geo-location features. Suppose you search for shoes or clothes in a particular size, if you find it difficult to find items, the site will provide you with results that are available at its closest brick-and-mortar location.

With research indicating that organizations that place superior importance on customer experience make 60 percent more profits than others, it is clear that adopting omnichannel marketing is the way to go for more success.



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