December 28, 2020 Upreality Talks

When Blockchain Meets Artificial Intelligence. All you need to know

Blockchain is gaining extensive popularity and attention due to its planning of secure and decentralized resource sharing manner. However, the incumbent block chain systems also endure from a number of challenges. The new advancement in artificial intelligence contribute the opportunities in defeating the challenges. The integration of blockchain with artificial intelligence can be advantageous to enhance the current blockchain arrangements.

Although blockchain technologies are promising in remoulding various industrial sectors,  the intrinsical limitations of blockchain systems lead to the following challenges.

  1. Operational maintenance.
  2. Quality assurance of smart contracts
  3. Malicious conduct detection

Here, we summarize the opportunities brought by AI to enhance incumbent blockchain systems.

  1. Analyzing blockchain data, we can detect the possible faults, forecast the failures and identify the perfor- mance bottleneck so as to tune or adjust the performance of blockchain systems.
  2. Machine learning methods can be used to detect and recognize vulnerable bugs in smart contracts automatically. Moreover, the growing number of smart contracts also brings the opportunities to automate the composition of multiple contracts.
  3. Through Data Extraction from Ethereum Automated malicious behaviour detection challenges can be To address the above challenges, we advise a blockchain data analytics framework namely XBlock-ETH to analyze Ethereum data.

Conclusion: We believe that the integration of AI with blockchain technology  will  further  aspire   the gracious  development of blockchain systems. Which would be Real-time and machine-driven operational upkeep of blockchain. aggregate intelligence contributing smart contracts and Integrating numerous  machine learning advances to monitor and monitor blockchain data. 


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