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Gadgetry Love

If stuck on an island, what are the 3 things you couldn’t live without? For the most part, people today never fail to include at least one gadget on the list. It has become a lifestyle, not only in the case of dependency but also complete reliability.

That’s the beauty of gadgets – simple in size, compact in its capabilities and just irreplaceable (unless you want an updated version, of course). In experiential marketing, we know why it’s important to share the love for gadgets. It’s necessary to connect with the audience using the one the thing that binds us all in the survival rollercoaster.

Consider mobile phones for a minute. Society has become so reliant on these devices that they even open it up to check the time while possibly wearing a watch that runs forever. At the same time, watches have been made with the ideal number of features, to debunk the entire concept mentioned previously.

When we look at the other side of the spectrum, the day when mobile phones evolved into touchscreens, the dilemma of screen size became a focal point of exploration. As phones came in all shapes and sizes, tablet devices got introduced to make screens held by 2 hands more acceptable.

This is not to nit-pick and says that the evolution of technology is ridiculous. However, it is to imply how flexible the gadgetry plane is for the common folk. It can change to suit your needs, make your life easier and connect with the world.

Gadgets are involved in almost every product/setup that we make in the experiential marketing industry. We feel the requirement, the essence of its purpose and its impact while passing on a message. If you had to know, we are overflowing with gadgetry love.

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