September 10, 2020 Upreality Talks

Virtual Events: Conferencing

The increase in limitations due to Covid-19 and the simultaneous advancement of technology has given rise to a new trend: Virtual Conferencing. It is slowly and steadily being accepted by many organizations across the globe. Virtual Conferencing allows participants to virtually attend meetings and other events live from remote locations using their computers or other such devices. During these times when gatherings are prohibited, this new trend allows participants to get together without being physically present in the same room, thus ensuring safety.


Virtual Conferencing is one the most important needs in 2020. Video conference, web conference and teleconference are the main categories of virtual conference. According to studies, 43% of remote and in-house teams use a video conferencing solution. 55% of businesses have also said that virtual conferencing has effectively increased employee engagements. It increases remote team collaboration and enables organisations to save time which would otherwise be wasted in setting up physical meetings. It also allows participants to interact with each other, view keynotes in real-time as well as build agendas.


Facebook is hosting its annual developers conference Facebook F8 with the help of locally hosted events, videos and live streamed content. The purpose of this conference is to get in touch with delegates and developers around the world who build website products and services in order to explore new platforms. HMG is also hosting a series of CIO Leadership Summits with focus on Reimagining the Business and Future of Work. These Summits are location specific, thus the speakers address location specific issues and share advice about the same.


Around 5th – 7th May, IBM too hosted one of its most popular conferences virtually – The IBM Think Conference. Participants learnt about the tech advancements due to data and AI from experts in these fields. Participants could interact with the experts and gain unique insights. These are just a few examples. Most of the organizations have adopted virtual events into their core work practice.


With no near end to Covid-19 and its far-reaching psychological impacts, organizations are constantly innovating and adapting to adverse situations. During such times, virtual events are proving to be the perfect solution as they cut across the limitations of location. Virtual Conferencing is changing the way employees in organizations interact with each other. Due to rapid technological advancements, virtual conferencing exhibit massive growth potential.


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