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Virtual Clothing: How it’s shaping the future of fashion retail?

Virtual Clothing: How it’s shaping the future of the fashion Industry?

In an extremely competitive world, sellers are persistently looking for innovative ideas to develop and expand their business. Technology is one that permits customers to virtually try on clothes, i.e. is modernizing the shopping experience and getting in new possibilities for realizing enriched consumer satisfaction.

Bad fit is one of the main causes clothes purchased online are returned. Finding the correct size and kind that suits the shopper’s personality is quite challenging. Offline purchasers also get drained of trying numerous outfits to check the appropriate fitting. The process of waiting in a long queue is time-consuming and infuriating for consumers and stores.

Virtual clothing is quickly establishing its room in all segments of the fashion business and leading to a transformed client experience.

 Virtual Technology

Virtual technology innovations have made access to the fashion industry.  Some are a few of the tech-intensive ideas that dealers can look to allow the best level of customer experience. Virtual Mannequin is one of them. This method helps create the illusion of a real individual.A mannequin, based on the body form of a consumer is generated and projected. Clothes are then displayed on the 3D mannequin, which the customer can regulate and customize with the gesture-controlled user interface. These mannequins are computer regulated and can be rapidly put into different shapes and sizes and there-after, the whole process of virtually trying clothes becomes fast.

 Benefits of Virtual Technology

An ideal Virtual technology solution will influence the customer’s past selections, shopping history, and browsing designs to promptly select and suggest the proper essentials for the customers. The smart solution gathers the data by thoroughly monitoring the customer’s virtual clothing patterns, liking, trends, and avatars.

Another innovative feature like social media integration, which helps assess the feedback on the clothes. It enables purchasers to rate the outfits on various factors that can help sellers to understand the shopper’s likings.

Based on the collected data, a series of analyses are done to enhance the customer’s choices.  Like clothes are categorized based on fitting, suitability, and feedback. Customers are segmented based on their purchase patterns, body structure, price sensitivity, and other factors

And Different offers are marked to these recommendations to increase the chances of shoppers to buy the suggested outfits and accessories.

With these analytics performed, stores will be able to form dashboards with significant KPIs and collect the data such as conversion rates of buyers that use virtual clothing platform and how many pictures were taken and shared, customers feedback, etc. These statistics would aid stores to make essential business decisions.

Social sharing features and integration with Cloud, make virtual clothing technology an extremely interactive and customizable concept that brings various benefits to customers and stores. Customers will have less time in queue lines and shoppers will enjoy modernized buying exposure, leading to a momentous amount of returns. Virtual clothing is destined to revolutionize the clothing industry and assist a good ROI for online as well as brick and mortar stores.

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