July 31, 2020 Upreality Talks

Trends that will redefine a post Covid-19 world

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected lives throughout the world. People are adapting to new ways of living and working. New processes and technologies are emerging and gaining prominence. As we try to make our way out of this crisis, there are some changes that will stay with us for long. Here are some trends that will redefine a post Covid-19 world:


The pandemic has created a sense of urgency to adopt technological advancements. Companies are racing to creating new apps/software that can improve our virtual experiences. Right from education to shopping, everything is digital now. In order to maintain a competitive edge and ensure continuity of business, managers will have to adapt by making digitalization their top priority.

New work norms:

The entire dynamics of the workplace is experiencing a drastic change. As a majority of employees work from home, an official workplace would no longer be needed. In the absence of offices, co-working spaces could be a way forward. Businesses are opting to rent or lease their spaces to other businesses and pose as co-working spaces too. Employees who want to meet for shorter durations could meet here and carry out their tasks for a one-time cost. This change could increase productivity levels and help companies reduce their administrative costs.


Covid-19 has revealed a lot of shortcomings in the healthcare systems around the world. It has forced us to analyse the massive changes that this industry needs. A post Covid-19 world will need better healthcare facilities, one where everybody is treated equally. It will also need an environment where people talk about mental well-being as much as they talk about physical well-being, a environment where people are more empathetic towards others. Covid-19 has created a platform for healthcare reform.


The pandemic has opened our eyes to a lot of new prospects and opportunities that can be explored. Post Covid-19, the drive to embrace creativity and to innovate will increase because that’s how businesses will be able to stay competitive. We can expect to see major innovations in a variety of fields, processes and business models altogether.

New thinking:

We, as a society, are going through a lot of changes. As we prepare for a new world post Covid-19, we need to embrace new thinking. A lot of reforms in terms of culture, beliefs, values, rules, etc. are bound to take place. In the long run, having new and open mindsets towards these changes is necessary to catch up and adapt.

The current circumstances are difficult. They have forced us to take new approaches. The world we see right now is very different from the world of 2019 and before. Covid-19 will create a new normal and leave a lingering effect on all of us for years to come.

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