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Top Marketing Trends in 2020

Today, we’re living in an age where technology is changing at an unprecedented pace, and the marketing change is no exception. The fast-changing tech marketing trends and the ever-evolving interests and change in the market make it more important than for marketers to keep their game continue. While many of the aspiring marketers might think that you are fully ready to dominate the marketing scenario of the new decade but there’s much more to it.

2020 marks the dawn of a new decade and a lot is going to change in the marketing world. Although the marketing tactics or trends may remain the same but the approach will be radical, the new age calls for something fresh, something pioneering. So, yes, you will see different trends in Marketing, but there’s a lot more to consider for marketing trends in 2020.

Some of the crucial digital marketing trends for 2020 are :


  • Voice-over engagement 

E-commerce is the future, and with search interaction having increased, leading companies will find voice a profitable technology to drive sales and revenue. This has already been evidenced in the huge investment Amazon has put into Alexa and Google into Google Home and its Google Assistant. Businesses will see voice user interface as an innovative tool that enables faster, more efficient customer engagement as voice commands surround every sphere of life, driving purchases, payments, and more.


  • Storytelling 

Storytelling is an impactful way to engage and connect with customers and when done in a native tongue, the outcome is very personal and unique. This is evident in the thumb-stopper format that Facebook offers, which intends to tell a story without sound, to capture the essence of a story and be able to tell it to speakers of any language. A campaign done by Swiggy called #SwiggyStarhunt is testimony to this.


  • Influencer Marketing 

The rapid rise of social media has given birth to Influencer Marketing. It is a  word-of-mouth marketing that is propagated by prominent influencers or personas in the industry. The fundamental goal here is to leverage the credibility and network of social media influencers to promote the brand and expand the brand reach. The impact that influencer marketing is so big that it can make or break the trust of consumers. This is because influencer reviews and opinions are much more authentic than corporate ads. According to a study, 63% of consumers trust the opinions of influencers on products way more than what brands say about their products or services.


  • Conversational Marketing

It is time to include Conversational Marketing in your marketing strategy. People now love to engage and talk with brands.  63% of people prefer online messaging via chatbots to communicate with brands and nearly 82% of users demand an immediate response. And here, Conversational Marketing enters. It allows for one-on-one communication between brands and their customers. This lets brands to interact with customers on their terms i.e on the platforms and the time that best suits the customers.


  • Artificial Intelligence Innovation

The marketing field is not the same as it was ten years ago. Today, marketing is all about technological inclusion and smart solutions. Artificial Intelligence is one of them. As innovation being the primary focus of AI, companies are also seeking to leverage AI to automate routine tasks. This will help free up the time of human employees, enabling them to focus on more important tasks that demand human intellect. Most importantly, since AI solutions and tools are more accessible than ever, companies across all industries are using them. According to a PWC report, Artificial Intelligence is the biggest commercial opportunity for companies and industries. In the next decade, that is by 2030 AI will transform productivity through GDP with 14%.


Marketing isn’t an easy one to conquer but keeping up with ongoing trends is sure to take you closer to it. Whether you’re creating a new marketing strategy or keeping an existing one, these top five trends will certainly help you with digital inclination.



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