October 4, 2020 Upreality Talks

Top 4 Technologies Reshaping the Animation Industry

We all know that animated content is a great way to engage viewers online. Among the stiff content market, it’s one of the most effective ways to stand out. Unsurprisingly, animation is giving the edge to some of the well-known brands in the world. There are always new and exciting innovations that are just around in the Indian animation market. From rendering techniques to advanced automation, animation is spreading its foothold everywhere.

Here are the four technologies that are reshaping the animation innovation:

  • Accessible Augmented Reality 

While virtual reality has been in the spotlight for some time, Augmented Reality has been quietly integrating into our lives. We have seen the household names like Pokemon and Snapchat bringing AR to the masses. But the big giants like Apple and Google to have made the technology accessible to millions of As the technology continues to grow, we can expect more game-changing AR technologies to emerge, featuring striking animated graphics.

  • Data-Driven Infographics

Infographics are growing and thriving in today’s market. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, the effect can be even more profound when rich animated content is used to bring infographics to life. This technology has been used to great effect in the data visualization in animated content. With more availability of the data, we can expect to see the animated infographics used to engage the brand audiences increasingly.


  • Automated Video Generation

Everyone loves how rich animation can be in telling a story. But it’s hard to deny that good animation is time-consuming and expensive. But With the rapid pace of time, we have seen advances in dynamic video creation that are allowing much more to be done with automation. Creative content creators can create rich animated spots for social platforms, quickly and easily through the cloud. Like MoShare, which allows clients to create branded content that combines insightful animations with real-time scores and statistics that can be published within seconds. As designers, it can become more comfortable with automation and can create more dynamic content like never before.


  • Real-time Animation on phones

Animation is a great output of innovation and advancement. But sometimes with the heavy files, it can lead to large file overheads and load times. But with the techniques like lightweight scripted animation, it has been possible to increase the use of dynamic interactive animation sequences in no time. Like Lottie is an animation library built by Airbnb that renders Adobe After Effects in real-time on android, iOS.


Since the origin of cinema, animation has always been at the trend of moving images. The newest advances show that we are living in the most creative industry. Although these innovations often start as expensive but once you start then there’s no looking back. Here we have considered the top 4 most prominent trends in the animation industry. For more information contact or visit www.upreality .in


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