December 3, 2020 Upreality Talks

The psychological meaning of shapes in logo design

Design is absolutely essential in communicating messages and emotions in marketing. The psychological impact of color is a popular topic and design in consideration for most marketers, but unless you are a designer by skill or an art lover, it’s unlikely that you’ve thought deeply into the importance of shapes in design. But Upreality is here to give you an insight into its significance.

Color, shapes have emotional connotations and it can trigger different images and thoughts in people’s minds. For example, think about the shape of a heart or a star. it inculcates different interpretations in people’s minds.

Picking a shape for your logo is more than an aesthetic choice it explains, you have to think about your audience, and what emotion and feelings you want to stimulate when they see your logo. These shapes make you feel things, they elicit emotions.

Companies can easily capitalize on these essential effects to communicate your brand and values through your logos, but in order to do that, you first need to have a thorough understanding of the most common interpretations of different shapes.

Let’s check out! Some of the common shapes and their meanings:

  • Symmetrical / Geometric: Organization and stability (i.e Audi, BBC)

  • Organic: Pleasure, interest, and spontaneity (i.e. Whole Foods, Fresh Market)

  • Abstract: Literal interpretations of ideas or directions (i.e. Apple, WWF)

  • Circles: Community, friendship, love, relationships, unity, perfection, attention, protection (i.e Starbucks,  HubSpot)

  • Curves: Motion, happiness, rhythm, pleasure (i.e. Coca-Cola, Intel)

  • Spirals: Creativity, growth, evolution (i.e. Hilton, Sun Microsystems)

  • Rectangles: Familiarity, trust, peace, uniformity (i.e. Microsoft, American Express)

  • Triangles: Power, science, strength, purpose, energy, precision. (i.e. Chevron, Delta)

  • Vertical Lines: strength, aggression, courage, power

  • Horizontal Lines: Community, tranquility, calmness (i.e. IBM, AT&T)

To put it simply, the meaning of shapes in logo design is important. They create connotations in our brains that make us feel a precise way about what we’re looking at. This carries through to logo designs. Each design comprises of shapes. When creating your design, take the overall logo shape into consideration, as well as logo color and fonts. As with all aspects of logo design, it’s essential to determine who your target market is and what message you want to convey to them. once you set upon this, you are well in the making of informed logo design decisions that will help take your branding to next level.


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