September 7, 2020 Upreality Talks

The growing impact of Digital Signages in retail stores

Digitalisation is disrupting existing systems and giving rise to new business models. Just like any other industry, the retail industry is also feeling the ill effects of this change. Due to the current situation, people are turning to online shopping. The retail business is not as prosperous as before. However, brands need to actively rethink their strategies and try to stay in the game. They need to find new ways to connect to consumers who opt for physical shopping. Digital Signage is a powerful tool to drive more in-store sales.

As a retailer, you want passer-by’s to notice your store and existing customers to keep coming back. Digital Signages are an exciting way to differentiate your brand from other e-commerce players. These interactive and eye-catching screens lead to enhanced communication due to better data retention and recall. They add a certain vibe to your store. They can be placed anywhere, be it window displays, next to products, or even at the checkout kiosks.

Here are a few ways in which retail stores can use these signages to convert window shoppers into long-term customers:

  • Digital Screens can be placed next to products. These products can be special collections or regular products. The screens can display important information that customers might want to know. For example, product comparisons, benefits of the product, what the product is made of, etc. This would help the customers in their purchasing decisions and free up store staff so that they can use their time doing other productive tasks.
  • You can also use Digital Signages on store windows to display popular products or just talk about your brand. This would attract the attention of passer-by’s and give them a reason to enter the store. These screens can be dynamic, catchy and can attract potential customers.
  • Digital Signages can also be used to display recommendations and add-on products or packages. This would help increase sales through up-selling and cross-selling, thus increasing profit.
  • Display screens can be placed on the pathway leading up to the checkout kiosk. These screens can showcase amusing content to entertain the guests while they wait in the queue for their turn. This would reduce perceived wait time and create a memorable in-store experience.
  • In bigger stores, digital screens can also be used for way-finding and directing customers towards the products they are looking for. This would again reduce the need for in-store staff and lead to a smooth shopping experience.

These are just a few examples of how retail stories can use these signages. These display screens can make the customer shopping experience seamless and memorable. They can provide brands with a competitive advantage and help them stand out from the crowd. It’s time for the retail industry to adopt next-gen technologies to add value to their customers’ experiences.

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