July 24, 2020 Upreality Talks

Tech trends to uplift your brand presence

We live in a world where technology is advancing with every passing day and consumer interests are transforming rapidly. Old marketing methods are becoming obsolete now. Therefore, marketers need to adapt and keep innovating in order to stay relevant. Here are a few tech trends that are gaining prominence and can help you uplift your brand presence:

  • Artificial Intelligence: According to a research, the AI market will grow to a $190 billion industry by 2025. This is becasue the demand for AI is on the rise due to the its wide application in a variety of areas. It is currently being used in ecommerce, creation of content, communication, recommendations, etc. Companies adapting to AI sooner will surely have an upper-hand. This is due to higher revenues, reduction of costs, increase in productivity as well as enhanced customer experience.
  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality: Marketers are increasingly using AR and VR to connect to their customers and increase brand awareness. Using AR and VR technologies helps businesses to connect to their customers and increase brand awareness. These technologies allow brands to tell their story in a unique way with personalised elements.
  • Chatbots: These are capable of cutting down overheads. They deliver 24×7 support and enhance customer engagement by answering pre-set FAQs or basic queries. Their instant automated answers lead to higher customer satisfaction and they also reduce human errors, thus leading to a lot of cost savings (they can cut operational costs by up to 30%). Chatbots are now becoming increasingly popular due to the huge role they play in customer experience.
  • Digital Signages: In today’s day and age, digital signages are everywhere. You can’t step outside your house and not come across a digital signage. Digital signages meet the unique needs of the users by increasing scope of application and can be installed at various touch-points. In addition. they improve communication with your target audience as they engage with them more efficiently than the traditional forms of marketing.
  • Data Analysis: Marketers need to understand the importance of data. Meaningful data can provide a plethora of information including user preferences, engagement level, potential gaps, etc. A marketer can use data analysis to improve future campaigns and drive better conversion.

The consumers of today are evolving in terms of demographics and preferences. They want experiences that are unique. In addition to that the environment is becoming increasingly competitive. Due to the current happenings around the world such as Covid-19, companies need to actively rethink their marketing strategy and use such advancing technology to their benefit.

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