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How to stay connected while social distancing

As the world is fighting against Covid-19, most of us have been forced to practice social distancing. Our new daily routines have changed. In such difficult times, staying connected with our near and dear ones can seem like a task. However, do not fret! Just because you’re apart does not mean that you cannot stay connected with your loved ones. We’ve put together some ways to help you do so:

  • Regular video calls: I bet you must’ve already thought about this because it is the most convenient solution. Recent technology as well as apps like Whatsapp and Facetime have made our lives so much easier; you can video call anybody at the drop of a hat. It also needs no pre-planning; you can do it whenever you want. You can also host weekly family calls, just to stay up-to-date with each other’s weekly activities. Moreover, with apps like zoom, virtual celebrations are also no big deal. From birthday parties to weddings, everything can be witnessed live right from the comfort of your living rooms.
  • Simple acts of kindness: Simple acts like checking-in on your loved ones or sharing photos can go a long way in building connections and ensuring each other’s well-being during these times. Sending out an “I miss you” or “I’m thinking about you” text reminds us that we’re all in this together. You can also share photos of new things you’re doing or how you’re spending your time at home.
  • Host a movie/game night: Watching movies together at a theatre and playing games at a friends’ house are things of the past now, but that does not mean that you miss out on fun nights altogether. Netflix Party, an extension for the Chrome web browser, allows you to watch a movie or show online with your friends. All viewers watch the same screen and can also chat with each other while doing so. Amazon Prime has also released their own version of watch party. You can also play the regular board games online as a ton of games such as Codenames, Catan, etc. have released web versions too.
  • Try online workouts: Can’t access the gym anymore? Use any free space at your house! A lot of platforms have started offering free workout plans/videos. You and your workout partners can fix on a time and work out together virtually!
  • Join virtual book clubs/discussion groups: Always wanted to do it but never got the time? With so much more time on your hands now, you should go for it now. Join discussion groups which cater to your interests. They’re a great way to share ideas and get in touch with people who have similar interests.

These are just some ideas to help you get started because we need to stay socially connected in order to stay sane during these tough times. With the availability of virtual solutions, staying connected with your loved ones is now easier than ever!

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