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How social wall can boost your public engagement ?

Within different fields, there are many options to promote your company and increase engagement with the audience. According to your audience profile, it’s possible to adopt strategies that strengthen your relationship with users or audiences – the social wall is one of them. Given the popularity of social media, have you ever thought of gathering information on different channels about your company or event?

In a single display, all posts that use a specific hashtag are presented, strengthening brand awareness and generating engagement with the audience.

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What is the social wall?

The social wall is a display that brings together everything discussed in different social media platforms about a specific industry. It can be, for instance, a corporate event, tournament, or a show. It’s a benefit to engaging the audience irrespective of their industry appealingly. This way, everything published on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is displayed on a single screen.

The company can follow this up, and other users are also aware of what is being discussed. besides being used in events, the social wall can be handy to strengthen your brand’s reputation.

For example, in e-commerce, displaying a social wall with customers’ opinions about your product is a way to convince other users of its quality. Furthermore, interactivity stimulates the participation of other users, who want their opinions to be posted as well.

What are the benefits of this technique?

But why should you invest in this strategy?

The first reason is obvious:  the size of your audience

According to the Digital 2020: Global Digital Overview report, there are 3.8 billion people worldwide using social media platforms. Also, the same study indicates that each user spends, on average, more than two hours a day on this channel.

Thus, if you’re looking for greater engagement, encouraging user participation with a social wall will strengthen your brand.

Another benefit is the delivery of relevant content to your audience. After all, with so much information available on the Internet, you need to differentiate your brand. The social wall helps accomplish this, as it is an essential technique of user-engagement content contributing to interactivity.

This strategy is also useful to find out what users are talking about. For example, if it is an event of your company, you can follow different opinions and feedback. The social wall can also contribute to lead generation. After all, it shows users who are interested in a subject.

How are brands using the social wall?

Knowing how brands use this feature can help you adopt it in your business. That’s why we’ve selected some companies that are taking advantage of the social wall.

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1. Sony music promotes Depeche mode movie- social walls using in celebration of the SPIRITS in the Forest release, Sony Music encouraged Depeche Mode fans to share their own Depeche Mode fan stories using the hashtag #SPIRITSintheForest.

The hashtag connects the brand’s fans around the world. Hashtag content from Twitter and Instagram is displayed using a live social media integration on the official microsite for the movie launch. They even used a social wall map.

2. Here’s a great example of how Beyerdynamic, a German manufacturer of audio equipment, is using a social wall as part of its eCommerce website. The social wall connects user-generated content to the products in the Beyerdynamic online store.

All of the above topics are important, but it is essential to have the right technology. To succeed in such a competitive market, companies need to bet on engagement and interactivity. This way, the social wall becomes an extremely valid option to increase the public interest in your brand. And the best thing is, we can do it organically.

Upreality and its customizable social wall solutions are as simple as “plug and play”. Our offerings are powerful enough to be executed for clients globally and flexible enough to adapt and change effectively. To know more watch our detailed video on it. https://youtu.be/mkxchTWe_JI


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