November 29, 2020 Upreality Talks

How Motion Graphics will be a trend-setter in 2020?

You may not have heard the term motion graphics before, but you’ve almost certainly seen examples of them in your daily life. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly we mean when we say motion graphics and, most important, how they are changing the designing industry with trends. Motion graphics are animations that create an illusion of motion using things like images, words, narration, sound effects, and music. But certainly, motion graphics are more than just digital works of art. Most of the time, their primary goal is to explain something or tell a story.

Some of the popular trends exploding in the motion industry: 

Isometric animation

The isometric technique is used to depict three-dimensional elements in two dimensions, giving more perspective on an object. As a result, we get attractive isometric graphics that can serve for showcasing any product, service, or various business processes. The combination of simplicity with the ideal use of objects and colors make this technique quite popular. The isometric design has been on the list of top trends for many years. It has gone through many transformations.


Interactive GIF’S 

Creative GIFs have tremendous business power. They can be used even more by companies that want to make their mark in the digital space. Thanks to their wide availability and variety. However, Brand GIFs are a great way to make your message heard and shared, attract customers, especially on social networks.


Merge 2D with 3D Animation

Merging 2D motion graphics with 3D motion graphics is an excellent option for marketing campaigns-from small commercials to large budget projects with an innovative approach. Merging 2D with 3D elements allows offering viewers exciting impressions.



We call color transitions as gradients, and it is getting trendy due to its use by large organizations like Stripe, Instagram, and so on. It comes out like a vibrant UI, illustrations, and background.

Kinetic typography

From television advertisements to website content, movable and animated type of content is a great visual tool. One obvious reason behind the increased popularity of movable content type is its attention-grabbing characteristic. Kinetic typography uses simple animation to create words that move and shift across the screen. By leveraging the aspects of this typographic technique, the animator can manipulate letters in several ways. From letter expansion to design manipulation, kinetic typography is on top.


The change is evident for various industries. This year has experienced some of the best large scale trends incorporation with interesting variations, the world of designing is likely to bring more innovation and creativity. To be in touch with top trends in the motion industry, connect with Upreality, our creative team will deliver its best creative expertise for your brand’s needs. To know more visit us at 






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