December 14, 2020 Upreality Talks

How cloud computing is changing the user experience?

There are a number of technological drivers that are affecting the way interaction models are currently developing. Even more than artificial intelligence and virtual and augmented reality, cloud computing has become the new norm for information technology in all kinds of companies. With the cloud, information moves rapidly in both directions, across computing systems.  The attributes like virtualization, scaling up or down to handle bigger workloads, or automated security patching across thousands of machines, are far more flexible.

Cloud computing, offered by companies like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and my employer, Google Cloud, is still noticed by many as a cheaper and more effective way for companies to store and process data. The cost may be lower, but like traditional computers, it is still a cost.

As cloud technology advances, however, it is becoming easier for companies to create products and services within the cloud, or model new products or marketing campaigns as cloud-based software models. A cloud is also a commonplace designed for the collection and analysis of new data, and the place where an increasing number of artificial intelligence operations, like image and speech recognition, are conducted.

The evidence is already there, as startup progressives regard their goods and services largely as software-centric entities, from which data is continually derived. Changes and upgrades become part of a continuous process.

  1. Cloud computing offers accessible resources through different subscription models. This means that you will only need to pay for the services you use. This helps in increasing the services in demand without the need to permanently invest in computer hardware.
    eg: Like Netflix, which leverages the cloud technology, due to its on-demand streaming services, this significantly has increased the top customer base to its peak.


  1. Chatbots are another computing power, which has the capacity to store information in innovative ways. This can be used to provide customized solutions, messages, or products on the preferences of users.

Eg: Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri are all cloud-based bots, these chatbots have the computing capabilities of the cloud for enhanced user experience. The next time you say, “Hey Siri”, remember there is a cloud-based solution behind it.


  1. Cloud also enhances communication through its innovative tools, like WhatsApp, and skype, which are based on cloud technology, which advances your communication through the virtual world, the information often stores on your personal device. Irrespective of your place, you can access it from anywhere via the Internet.


  1. Backup and storage is among the most top priority for users to have their information in a safe place. Cloud does that for you. The cloud provides more flexibility in the mode that you can enjoy large storage and on-demand backups. Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3 are popular examples of cloud backup solutions.


Cloud computing has taken the tech world by storm, Cloud technology applications are opening the different platforms to practice new technologies, which are, in the end, the day puts moves our life ahead. Inventors are accumulating cloud computing with other technology like IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. which is making the demand of cloud at a higher level. To know more visit


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