December 18, 2020 Upreality Talks

How AI is being used in Advertising and Marketing?

Apart from dominating popular culture for years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has also become a subject of significant interest in recent years.

Over the past few years, tech giants like Google AI, Tesla AI, and IBM AI have been innovating ways to incorporate AI into search algorithms, data analytics, and marketing, thereby integrating machine mechanics into a different level. Marketers use artificial intelligence in advertising and marketing in various ways, which makes it an exceptional concept to have in long run. AI in marketing and advertising is a method to gather, analyze and store information to help anticipate consumer trends and to execute appropriate strategies to bring in the right consumers.

Artificial Intelligence brings a lot of benefits when incorporated into marketing. Benefits include data analytics, which helps to store, gather, and analyze large data and recover it. AI helps to understand consumer trends and helps to incorporate in their presentational strategy. AI in advertising and marketing tend to show the right type of content to individuals through effective channels. Another use of AI marketing allows marketers to reach potential customers and give them easy access to make purchases.

Artificial Intelligence has the possibility to make a change in the structure of the marketing and advertising industry. Many tasks can be replaced with easy automation, such as optimizing the timing when running ads, and can be handled by AI without human interaction and much more.

Many companies are incorporating AI into existence because of its innovative methods, some of them are:

  • Google’s child company DeepMind not only did the system learn but how to play 49 different Atari games, the Alpha go program was the first to beat a professional player at the game of Go. Another AI innovation by google is Google Duplex using natural language processing, a voice interface that can make phone calls and schedule appointments on your behalf.
  • Apple, one of the largest technology companies, selling consumer electronics such as iPhones and Apple watches, Apple uses AI technology and machine learning in products like iPhone, Airpods, and or HomePod smart speakers, where it enables smart assistant Siri.
  • AI is a statement term that appears at the forefront of Microsoft, which makes them focus on machines at its apex, they incorporate some of the best concepts like Cortana, Skype, office365, etc.

Artificial intelligence is now making push companies on the correct path to create the best user experience. The tools and technologies that are being focused on by AI will only rise. It can help companies become more efficient and create more technologies to help individual users for enhanced productivity.


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