July 27, 2020 Upreality Talks

Digital Signages: Why your brand should use them

Imagine you’re in Times Square, New York – one of the world’s most visited tourist attractions. You see giant billboards all around you showing different kinds of videos and graphics, product advertisements and engaging audiences. They are called Digital Signages. In today’s day and age, digital signages are everywhere. You can’t step outside your house and not come across a digital signage. So what exactly are these? Let’s understand.

Digital signage, as the name suggests, is a sign in digital form. It uses different kinds of technologies including LCD and LED to display information or media. Organisations use such signages to advertise their offerings/improve communication by interacting with their target audience. The applications of such signages know no bounds. Some sectors that digital signages are catering to right now include retails, healthcare, hospitality, restaurants as well as facility management.

With increased scope of application, a digital signage meets the unique needs of its user/ target audience. The advantages of digital signages are vast:

  • Assists in tasks:

    It would be very difficult for us to find our way to the departure gates at airports or to the correct rooms at hospitals without these signages. They provide accurate and timely information.

  • Audience engagement resulting in decreased perceived wait time:

    These signages entertain the audience in waiting areas and keep them occupied. As a result, customer satisfaction increases.

  • Improved communication:

    According to research, it is easier for people to absorb data in visual form as compared to text. Thus, digital signages lead to enhanced communication due to better data retention and recall.

  • Increased sales:

    Using digital screens to advertise products/services creates awareness by reaching a bigger target group. More views means more chances of turning those viewers into customers. Businesses use these screens to display their popular products, ongoing discounts as well as rewards programs. These signages also lead to impulse purchases.

  • Cost efficient and time efficient:

    For business that frequently update/modify data, these signages are a cost effective solution. Businesses can update menus, change product displays, etc without spending on brand new signages. Moreover, they are easy to use and can be modified quickly whenever required. They also save time that employees would have otherwise spent in giving information to the customers. This extra time can be used for other productive tasks.

  • Appeal factor:

    As opposed to traditional signages, digital signages are modern in looks. They increase the aesthetic quotient of the space they are installed in. This is because graphics and videos make information as well as products look attractive.

Digital Signages are a perfect example of how technology can be beneficial to the human race. Over 25% of companies place consider digital signage campaigns extremely important. These signages are transforming businesses and creating deep impact. Companies need to actively rethink their marketing efforts and use such rapidly advancing technology to their benefit.

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