September 24, 2020 Upreality Talks

Digital Signages In Restaurants

The restaurant industry or any other businesses are facing the worst blow of the COVID-19 Crisis. They are the best place to socialize and with social distancing, it has become a task for every restaurant to figure out how to tackle the crisis and survive. During these times that smart contactless tech solutions can be employed. One such parameter for it is Digital Signages. It is a one-time investment that is going to be worth it for a very long time. Wondering how? In a digital era, digital signages naturally attract customer attention and now there are simple digital signage software tools that are in trend, it’s possible to do so much more than just digital signage.

Here are five ways you can use digital signages in your restaurant to make your company and customers shine:

  • Replace paper menus with Digital Menu Boards:

Paper menus tend to be one of the grimiest places in a restaurant. Since they pass through a lot of hands, it becomes necessary to get a stable replacement for the same. Digital Menu Boards can be used to simply display the menu and the customer can look at the items without touching the menu and decide the order. Digital Menu Boards are easy to update as and when needed. New items are easy to add, old items are easy to edit and offers can be displayed in a very attractive way.

  • Highlight the food quality standards that your restaurants follow:

At this point, health and hygiene are the most important wealth that we have, now your customers must trust you on the quality standards as well. Digital Signage offers you the ability to display the quality and hygiene standards that are being followed while preparing food at your restaurant. Videos on the food being prepared, the standards being followed to keep the food hygienic and delivery processes being followed can be shown to keep the trust of customers intact on the restaurant.

  • Display the order status on the Digital Signage so customers don’t crowd up:

This feature is something that will ease out the convenience of the customers since they don’t need to go to the counter to get to know the order status. This feature helps to ensure that customers follow the norm and get to know the status of their order when it is ready. Effective communication helps improve the customer experience and digital signage showing order status can be used for it. The steady flow of the queue can be managed with Digital signage.

  • Personality Enhancement in the room

The beauty of many of our favorite restaurants is that they radiate personality. Use your restaurant signage displays to showcase this personality. Introduce your staff members and their favorite menu recommendations. Tell them random facts like the farmers you buy your meat from truths. Personality is what brings life to your menus and products.

  • Share product offers

Just before your customer is about to purchase is the perfect time to let your special offers roll out. Use your digital signage displays to remind them of any incentives or deals they can get on specific products. Not only does this make them feel better about spending their money but it could give you a chance to upsell or promote new products that are in your restaurant.


It’s clear to see that in the world of digital signage, the pace of innovation isn’t slowing down. Digital signage is great for its obvious uses but, by thinking outside the box, restaurants can harness the technology to create customer experiences that will excite and delight their customers.


Upreality’s Digital Signage Solutions will suit your needs in the most efficient manner possible. Its customizable signage solutions are simple and effective offerings according to your needs.

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