October 1, 2020 Upreality Talks

Benefits of Digital Signages at Schools

When school administrators need to communicate immediately with 1000’s of students within a few minutes, how can they do it effectively and affordably? As a result of this need, the Digital Signage in the education sector is becoming increasingly popular and currently ranks in the top ten of the fastest-growing markets implementing digital signage networks. The digital generation is constantly barraged with digital information. Therefore, without Digital Signage in the education sector or institution risks getting left behind, unable to compete in the communication stakes. In the end, you face the prospect of losing touch with an evolving audience.

Luckily, digital signage in schools offers a wide variety of modern solutions, here are the top reasons all schools can benefit from digital signage.

  1. You can retain the School events promotions and  Important school announcements

Digital signage in schools can be used to display important school promotions or announcements. Remember the green-colored notice board with lots of papers being stuck? Even though this brings a lot of memories & nostalgia, digitalizing this activity is a great step forward to convey the messages without even using a single piece of paper. The updates & announcements are quick & remotely managed about sports and extra-curricular activities or charitable events will be easily accessible on the digital signage platform. This will gather attention and drive attendance to the events.

  1. Lunch Menus 

Digital menu boards in the school cafeteria to promote healthy food choices. Highlighting attention towards the nutritional information and its contents. Prompting students to be more conscious of what they are consuming. This will not only create consciousness but also will be an engagement platform in long term.

  1. Campus Maps 

Digital signages can also be used in schools for way-finding, building directories, or way-finding route for assisting new students and the visitors. Institutions should consider implementing interactive digital signages, which will make the way-finding even more engaging and fun.

  1. Instant management and communications

Managing content displayed at the signage in institutions is fast and easy, the digital signage is cloud-based so it can be accessed from anywhere, that’s why it’s great for remote management. With the incorporation of modern features like playlist management, multi-user roles, and comprehensive scheduling, digital signage make most of the work. Institute administrators can opt for the ‘just schedule’ content management approach that is more efficient and effective than any other traditional signage.

  1. Safety 

Keeping the students safe is a top priority for all schools.  But when integrated with an emergency alert system, digital signage can help around the campus to notify students, faculty, or visitors of any emergency in fast mode. The digital signs can also inform students and faculty what precautionary measures to take to be safe.


These are just a few examples of how school institutions can use these signages. These display screens can make the school and its administration efficient and effective in no time.  Digital Signage is a supreme tool to make the education industry powerful like never before.


Upreality’s Digital Signage Solutions will suit your needs in the most efficient manner possible. Its customizable signage solutions are as simple as ‘plug and play’. Upreality’s offerings are powerful enough to be executed for clients globally and flexible enough to adapt to change effectively. Contact Upreality or watch the detailed video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gi8tMvbttoM&t=1s.



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